Brewista Cold Pro System is a game changer

June 30th 2016

We’ve got the Brewista Cold Pro Kit in the warehouse and it is going to change the way you think about cold brew. Adding cold brew to you menu is about to get a whole lot easier and cleaner with no more waste.

Brewista_cold_pro_fullThe most exciting feature on the Brewista Cold Pro the permanent filter. Gone are the days of having to lift a heavy bag of wet grounds, finding some method to hold it over the bucket while it drains, all the time hoping it doesn’t spill! Now making cold brew en masse can be a calm and simple affair. To prepare you batch just lower the filter into the large brew bucket, add a paper filter if you prefer (but not essential), add your coffee grounds and water, then allow to steep overnight. When you arrive in the morning draining the grounds is so simple thanks to their patented ‘lift and turn’ design which allows you to rest the permanent filter on an adapter ring in the container above the concentrate. You won’t need to have your morning coffee to figure that out.

Other benefits include the open top design which allows you to stir the grounds, reducing steeping time and preventing the waste caused by grounds left unsaturated inside a sealed bag and the spigot has a finishing filter for ultimate refinement.

Cold brew should feature on every menu but the sheer amount of faff involved in making it had put many people off. Now batch brewing is a breeze there’s no excuse to not be serving it up on a daily basis. With a capacity of up 32 litres, you should be able to keep up with demand.